How about going to another place for sightseeing?

Let's visit more than 2 places in the ZAO area
and post on Instagram!

Outstanding photographs will be displayed on official website.
Of which two photographers who post excellent photographs
will be awarded two tickets to the "Zao Ski Resort Lift"
which can be used for the next visit!
Everyone who posts on Instagram will receive
an original clear file folder as a present!


About ZAO

ZAO refers to the area of three cities and three towns next to the famous Mount Zao,
which is located along the border between Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures.

ZAO is rich in nature in Tohoku. There are many popular places like Okama and Fox Valliage,
as well as leisure facilities like Onsen and the ski resort. You can also enjoy gourmet food, including umen and soba.
There are so many activities that you and your friends can enjoy.
Don't miss ZAO when you come to Sendai or Yamagata for sightseeing,
you will find it to be a "beautiful", "happy" and "delicious" place!
  • ◀︎ Miyagi Zao Fox Village

    It's a fox village which is even rare in the world.
    You will definitely be cured by these fluffy foxes!
    You can take Shiroishi city bus "Castle-kun" from JR Shiroishi Station to get there.
  • ◀︎ Onsen

    ZAO area is filled with many Onsens. There are many facilities where you can enjoy footbath and one-day trip onsen.
    There are many types of onsen, so you can also make it an onsen trip of your own favorite style.

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Collaboration organizations list

Shiroishi City
  • Shiroishi Tourist Information Center(Shiroishi Station)
  • Shiroishi Tourist Information Center(Shiroishi Zao Station)
  • Miyagi Zao Shiroishi Ski Resort【LINK
  • Miyagi Zao Fox Village【LINK
  • Shiroishi Castle
  • Sui
  • Hotel Izumiya【LINK
  • Sumaruyashiki
  • Yamabukitei【LINK
  • Yajiro Kokeshi Doll Village 【LINK
Zao Town
  • Zao-machi Tourist Information Center
  • Sumikawa Snow Park【LINK
  • Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort【LINK
  • Zao Dairy Farming Center【LINK
  • Zaoyaki Manpuugama【LINK
  • Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum【LINK
  • Active Resorts Miyagi Zao【LINK
  • Ryokan Sanjiro【LINK
  • Barden-ya-Soho【LINK
Sendai International Airport
  • Michinoku Tour Information
  • Toyota Rent a Car
  • Nippon Rent-A-Car
  • ORIX Rent-A-Car
  • Times Car RENTAL
  • Budget Rent a Car
  • Nissan Rent a Car
Sendai City
  • Times Car RENTAL - Sendai Train Station East Exit
Shichikashuku Town
  • Shichikashuku Dam【LINK
  • Sumiyanokurashi【LINK
Kawasaki Town
  • Sankeinoyado Ryusen【LINK
Yamagata City
  • Yamagata Station Tourist Information Center
Kaminoyama City
  • Kaminoyama Hot Spring Information Center